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Bailey Ciprich
Team USA 2023

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Team USA 2023
Liverpool, England

We are proud to be the home gym for Team USA member Bailey Ciprich.  She will be representing the United States in the Youth division during the 2023 Nations Cup and World Championships in Liverpool, England.

Learn all about Bailey and her journey below!

To become a supporter of Team USA, please reach out to


You can donate directly to her fundraiser via Bailey's Venmo account.  Thank you so much and GO USA!

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Bailey qualified to represent the USA in...



Nations Cup

Youth Division



World Championships

Youth Division

About Bailey

Bailey is 13 years old and lives in Maryland with her Mom, Dad, 2 sisters, little brother, 2 dogs, 2 fat cats, and one goldfish named Butter.

She has been officially twirling since she was 3 years old but has been crawling around baton practices and playing with batons since she could move.  In the last 10 years Bailey has traveled all across the US learning and competing in the sport of baton.  However of all the places she has traveled so far, the 2022 Nationals in California has been her favorite!

When she is not twirling she really enjoys hanging with her besties Autumn (her sister), Elaina and Ava as well as skateboarding to the beach in her hometown and getting ice cream.

Bailey is a straight A, honor roll student at her middle school where she is a member of the Culinary Club, the Producer on CNN (her schools morning production), a member of the middle schools production of Annie, and hopefully a founding member of their new baton club!

Bailey won her very first national title when she was only 4!  She was the 2013 Beginner 0-4 Basic Strut Champion and her coach was Ms. Jessica!

Bailey loves Stitch!  This might be the reason why she wants to go to collage at the University of Hawaii and be the feature twirler.

Bailey is a 4th generation baton twirler but she is the first in the family to win an individual national title and make it to Team USA

Did you know

A normal practice week for Bailey means 20+ hours in a Maryland gym with Ms. Stacey and the Dynamics


Once a month Bailey flies down to Florida (sometimes alone!)to practice with her coaches and the rest of her Synergy teammates


Bailey's Favorite Routine

Bailey's favorite routine in her career so far is her 2022 AA Freestyle "Hocus Pocus".  This routine earned her first place during the 2022 National Pre-Trials competition in Stockton, CA.

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